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A 2020 Dyeing Challenge

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I decided recently to set myself a series of challenges for next year, as a bit of fun. If anyone else is interested, please do jump aboard - and share your progress.

I figured I'd set ten challenges, one per month (excluding January and December as they are crazy months). If you have any suggestions for other challenges, please do let me know. :)

These are currently set in no particular order.

1. try a new technique/method

2. use some new material

3. dye using inspiration from a famous painting

4. resist/tie-dying

5. solar dyeing

6. ice/snow dyeing

7. eco-printing

8. dye with herbs/spices from the kitchen

9. create self-striping yarn for socks

10. cake-dye half & half

This past year, as I have been learning and exploring the wonderful world of yarn dyeing, I have already tried a few of the above, but there are always new techniques and materials to test out.

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