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Dyeing Experiment - self-striping yarn

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

I really wanted to see whether I could create some self-striping yarn for a pair of socks. I've jumped the gun a bit on my 2020 dyeing challenge list, but life is too short not to do impulsive dye experiments ... amiright?

So after doing a bit of research online, I calculated how much yarn it took to knit one round, decided I wanted five rounds per stripe, and a four-colour sequence for the complete look.

Then I divided my 100 gram ball of DK wool into two before warping each one to match, into something like a 4-petaled flower shape, which I then tied off to hopefully avoid tangles. My fingers were crossed really hard about that.

The post-dyed cakes, ready to knit from.

I didn't take any pics of the warping set-up I created (using a cardboard box and some dowling sticks) as it got a little wonky the more tension was wound on, but it pretty much did the trick.

I also didn't take any pics of the dye process as it was also a bit messy in the stray yarn department, but in the end I got something I was pleased with.

And I know how to improve for next time!

Beginning my first sock. So cool!

As I need a bit more than 100 grams to create my socks, I lucked out in that I had some 10 gram minis previously dyed from a pastel experiment which I could utilise for the toes & heels.

Once I started on the first sock, I was thrilled at how well it was looking. It is by no means perfect (there are white transitional patches, and as the tension got tighter on the warping board it distorted the measurements), but unless anyone checks too closely I think they are fine. :)

... aaaaand, just a few days later ... ta-da!

As I wasn't sure just how far my 10 gram contrast-colour balls would stretch, I used A & B in opposite positions on each of the socks. Yellow toe/pink heel; and pink toe/yellow heel.

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