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Natural Dye Experiment - Carrots

Updated: May 7, 2020

I'd seen mention somewhere that dyeing with carrots was effective, and so I wanted to try it for myself. I'd already seen from another dyer what a lovely green the tops can give (and that is another thing I want to try), but I'd only read this one snippet of information about the roots.

So ... I chopped up a large carrot, and then blitzed it in the machine to make it as fine as possible (more surface are for dye extraction). Popped it into a jar, with 100 mls of near-boiling water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar, then added a bit of pre-soaked white scrap wool I'd found.

Added a tinfoil cap and then left it to 'do its thing' in the sun.

Not sure how long I will leave it, but watch this space ...

Some time later ...

I only left the jar for several days, as I noticed it began to fade out. Washed out the bit of yarn and it came out a very pale yellow/orange colour, but it had definitely changed from its original white.

The ball is the original colour, the skein is the post-dyed colour. Subtle.

I then decided to do another, similar experiement, but with adding some alum water to the mix. After leaving it to solar dye for a few days, the result after washing was that it was certainly a little different - brighter - than the previous one.

The top skein is the first dyed yarn, below is the second.

For a soft, delicate-looking pastel, using carrots is definitely an option.

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