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Revamped Yarn Project

Updated: May 7, 2020

I nearly passed on buying the twenty 50 gram balls of this yarn I saw in an op-shop, but I am glad now that I did.

I don't usually go for anything above an 8-ply (my go-to weight), but as there was so much of it I hoped the right project would come along eventually.

I tried to find out more about this Eagle yarn, but had no luck; nor much on the J. Lowinger Trading Co. Ltd (Yarn Division) which produced it. If anyone remembers something about it, please let me know. I'm fascinated with the historical aspects of yarn companies in New Zealand.

I must say it's not a particularly soft & squishy yarn. Probaby built to be more rugged & outdoorsy and hard-wearing. But not harsh, at least.

I found an old pattern for a simple v-neck jersey which I thought would be a perfect fit for this yarn, but as I didn't like the original colour I decided to overdye it into something I'd actually enjoy wearing.

I mixed up some dye into what I hoped would become a nice mossy-type green.

Luckily I had a pot that just managed to fit the kilo of wool. I was concerned that it might not dye evenly, so my fingers were heavily crossed the whole time. Still, I was dying to see how it would turn out.


(As always, please excuse the poor photography.)

The wool retained a lot of tones and flecks, and overall the dye went on pretty evenly. I was really impressed.

All caked up and ready to go!

I find it particularly satisfying to be able to take some yarn which has been unloved, unused, or abandoned and turn it into something much more interesting and inspiring. This is what revamping yarn is all about. : )

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