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Video - Tally-Ho carding machinery at work

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The Gore Spinners & Weavers club (of which I am a member), as their 2019 end-of-year bus trip, chose to visit the Tally-Ho woolcarders this year. It was a wonderful day out, and I managed to take a short clip of the carding machinery in action as it went through its paces especially for us.

Apologies for it being shot through mesh, but safety first ...

What you see is some Gotland fleece being fed in to some massive equipment, and at the end what comes out is cut off the roller to make a gorgeously-soft batt.

I'd never touched Gotland wool before, and I fell in love with it!

Thanks to Barb, for showing us around.

If you're interested, Tally-Ho accept fleeces to card on their farm at Raes Junction, as well as having a retail store in Roxburgh (both in Central Otago, New Zealand). Just check out their website.

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